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Terms and Conditions


Luxury Labels Limited is not in any way affiliated with the brands being offered for sale on this website. All product trademarks, brand names and logos mentioned are used for information only purposes and are owned by the brands and their agents, without exception.


All purchases made from this website are governed by English law, regardless of the location and/or delivery address of the purchaser.

Payment must be made in full and cleared before items are despatched.

The purchaser shall inspect the goods immediately upon receipt and shall notify Luxury Labels Limited within 2 calendar days of receipt if the goods are damaged. If the purchaser fails to do this they are deemed to have accepted the goods.


All prices quoted are inclusive of delivery within the United Kingdom including Northern Ireland. For delivery outside of the U.K. but within Europe, an additional £20 will be charged to cover additional postage costs. Luxury Labels Limited is not liable for any import duties or customs charges, all items will be shipped stating their full value for insurance purposes.

I aim to dispatch all items within 2 business days of payment clearing, tracking information will be provided via PayPal or email, this will usually be via Royal Mail Special Delivery. All items will be packaged to ensure safe transit and any supporting documentation will be stored inside parcel alongside the item


Luxury Labels Limited offer a no-quibble returns policy, if an item is not to your taste you can return it within 14 calendar days of delivery for a full refund minus original postage costs and any applicable PayPal fees. Please note, no returns will be accepted after the initial 14 days. The costs for the return postage are the sole liability of the buyer. If any import duties or customs charges are levied upon an item’s return, these will be deducted from the refund amount. It is the buyer’s responsibility to ensure that the item is sent by a secure method and suitably packaged to prevent damage in transit.

All refunds will be processed within 2 business days with funds being returned via the original payment method provided the bag is in the original described condition along with any supporting documentation and/or packaging such as dustbags and gift boxes.

In the event that an item was paid for via PayPal, the PayPal fees will be deducted from the amount of the refund, as PayPal no longer refunds these to the seller. This can be avoided through using a card payment or bank transfer.

I am always looking for ways to improve my service so any feedback on the reason for a return is appreciated but the buyer is not obliged to provide this.

Returns will not be accepted on items which have been part exchanged, and the onus is on the purchaser to request any additional information prior to agreeing the part exchange.


All images and text on this website are property of Luxury Labels Limited and may not be copied, reproduced or used for any purposes that are not directly authorised by Luxury Labels Limited. This includes, but is not limited to, the use of photographs from this website for listings on eBay and other online market places.


All items are sold ‘as seen’ and no warranty is provided.


A payment plan (also known as layaway) may be agreed with a buyer on an individual basis.

At Luxury Labels, we know that designer items can be pricey, so we try to accommodate layaway plans wherever possible, to stretch the cost of purchasing our lovely bags. The layaway offering will vary from item to item, typically the more expensive items can be stretched over longer periods (up to 3 months). The T&Cs of our layaway agreements are as follows;

  1. The payments involved in the layaway will be made clear to both parties before deposit is paid. Reminders will typically occur a week before and on the day that a payment is due. If a payment is more than 48 hours late with no communication from the buyer, the layaway is cancelled, and the item is relisted for general sale. Any outstanding funds will be returned minus the non-refundable deposit
  2. The first £150 of any layaway is non-refundable, this is to cover administration and costs involved in reselling. For items over £1,000, this amount is increased to £250
  3. A layaway can be paid off at any time, please notify Luxury Labels via Facebook messenger or email and we will aim to despatch your item within 1 working day where possible.
  4. All payments on layaway are to be made via bank transfer, this is due to our non return policy on layaway items. Any payments that are made using other methods will be reversed and correct payment requested.
  5. No returns are available on items purchased via layaway, so please ask for any additional photos or information you would like before committing to purchase.
  6. The price quoted for layaway is inclusive of postage costs within the UK, additional postage fees may apply for European postage.
  7. Layaway plans cannot be switched to other items without incurring a loss of £100. This is increased to £150 on items over £750.


Consignment Sales

  1. Send Luxury Labels Limited your item/s, I will appraise, authenticate (where required) and contact you with a suggested selling price. The receipt of your item(s) will demonstrate your agreement with these terms and conditions.
  2. We (Luxury Labels Limited and you, the seller) will agree a ‘minimum acceptable’ sale price, but will aim to achieve higher than this wherever possible
  3. The item(s) may be initially listed on Luxury Labels Sales Facebook group, where items have an audience of at least 5,000 people
  4. The item(s) will be listed on
  5. You will be consulted you before your item(s) are included in any promotions/offers
  6. You will be contacted when the item has been sold and informed of the total sale price achieved
  7. After PayPal and postage fees have been deducted from the original sale price, Luxury Labels will deduct a 20% consignment fee. Please note the minimum fee per item is £30.
  8. After 14 Calendar days have passed and providing the item is not returned, funds will be transferred to the client, along with an email breakdown demonstrating costs.

A consignment sale can be cancelled and the item recalled by the client at any time, prior to a sale taking place or a layaway being agreed, the client must cover the cost of return postage from Luxury Labels Limited to the client. The client must make clear to Luxury Labels Limited whether they would be happy for their item to be sold on a ‘layaway’ basis (split payments, usually over a term of 6-8 weeks). Price reductions may occur without the client’s consent as long as this is not below the agreed minimum acceptable sale price, any reductions below this will be agreed prior to price change. If the client sends in an item that is not authentic, the client must cover the cost of return postage from Luxury Labels Limited to the client. Luxury Labels Limited will be responsible for the security and insurance of the item whilst the item is held as stock, this commences once the item has been received from the client. All postage from Luxury Labels Limited will be via Royal Mail, using a service that guarantees the item is fully insured whilst in transit. This is usually Royal Mail Special Delivery, costs can be found on the Royal Mail website. Packaging costs for all items will be covered by Luxury Labels Limited. Whilst the seller retains ownership of item(s) until the Buyer accepts ownership, any photographic images or text created by Luxury Labels Limited in relation to the item, remains the sole property of Luxury Labels Limited and cannot be assigned, reproduced or recreated for any purpose without prior consent.

Direct Sale

Items for which a Direct Sale is desired, the item must be accurately described, and any offer will be based on that description, including any photographs provided by the seller. The item should be sent to Luxury Labels Limited by a trackable method and the tracking number provided. Upon receipt of the item, if it matches the description provided by the seller, payment will be made within 48 hours of its receipt by the agreed method to the Sender.

If the description does not match that provided by the Sender, renegotiation may occur and an appropriate deduction may be agreed, or the item may be returned to the seller at the seller’s cost, for which payment will be required prior to shipping. If the item received is deemed as counterfeit, it will be returned to the seller at the seller’s cost, for which payment will be required prior to shipping. All shipping will be conducted via Royal Mail using their appropriately insured service.