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Condition Guide

To help you better understand the condition of the bags you’re considering, I have written the following scoring system. Ratings range from 0-5, with a 5 representing as-new condition, please see the below scores for info on what they represent;

5/5 – As new condition with no defects or flaws

4/5 – Excellent condition with one or two very minor issues such as hairline scratches to the hardware

3/5 – Very good condition, one or two moderate issues such as markings to the interior or small patches of scuffing to base corners

2/5 – One or two more apparent flaws, typically small but obvious marks or scratches to the exterior

1/5 – Significant marks to the exterior and may be noticeably ‘shabby’, still wearable in current condition

0/5 – Broken/badly damaged such as a burn mark or snapped handle, would need significant repairs, ideal project bags